Welcome to All India Shivalaya Federation

The All India shivalaiya federation is a Government organization/ Authorised which is located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. The registration number of the organization is Reg : 61/2022 established in the year 2022.


My self Spiritual Semmal Dr. AGHORI GURU RAMRAJ. On rigorous Aghori Sadhana over 12 years in Kasi (Varanasi) obtained doctrinein the Aghori Sadhana. Further enlightened with spiritual power on continuous    Aghori rituals over 23 years in Dwarakesh &  Haridwar. On continuous divine call, Aghori Guruji Ramaraj couldn’t resist getting into spiritual process at young age, despite resistance from parents who was serving for Government Sectors. I possess healing powers gained through intensely eremitic rites and practices of renunciation and tápasya.  I did Sadhana over 23 years has in clined as devotee of Lord Shiva and manifested as Bhairava. I  built Aghora kali peedam at my hometown ie., Vellore and did pranampratishtam to following deities Lord Bhairava, Lord Ganesha, Godess Angalaparameshwari and others. Am Started new federation called “All India Shivalaya Federation” to protect Hindu dharma and temples by reinstating with its original sanctity.



Spiritual Semmal

– Founder & Chairman


The main objective of this federation is to repairing dilapidated shiva temples, maintenance of missing temples, protecting Hindu temples from vandal’s, Encapsulating Hindu dharma.

All Hindu people can join and come together in this federation to protect Hindu dharma and Hindu temples.


National Member’s of All India Shivalaya Federation


Vice President

Mr. Sarath kumar


Mrs. Esther Jhansirani.M.S, (M.Com.)          


Mrs. Aruna Devi

Deputy Secretary

Mr. Sridhar (FCI)

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Balamurugan (Real Estate)

Assistant Secretary

Mr. Ezhumalai (Civil Engineer)


Mr. Manigandan

Executive Coordinator

Mr. Deepak Kumar

Legal Advisor & Honorary President

Mr. R. Jagadish Naidu (LLB, MBA, BBM, PMP, PMI, ACP)

Tamilnadu State Member’s of All India Shivalaya Federation



Mr. M. Sakthivanan


Mr. M. Srinivasan


Mr. R. Loganathan

Women’s Team President

Mrs. P. Roja

Andhra State Member’s of All India Shivalaya Federation



Mr. Singaravelan (PSV Channel MD)

Karnataka State Member’s of All India Shivalaya Federation



Mr. C. Sunder Vadivelu (Ex-Army)



We are taking steps to properly rehabilitate all types of temples as per the requests of the people. Through the All India Shivalaya Federation, vacant temples, restoration of old Shivalayams, and Kumbabhishekam for non-performed temples, all these will be done through this federation. Members from all states and districts are included in this federation and those who wish can join.

Construction Temple Works




Those who want to be a part of member in ALL INDIA SHIVALAYA FEDERATION can join